Indiana Towns-1826

By 1826, the 10th year of Indiana's Statehood, there were 53 counties and 132 towns within the boundaries of the State. The areas of present day Indiana not included within the State in 1826 were the Indian Lands, Wabash County, Miami Indian Reserve, and an "unsettled area" described as " A district of country bounded east by Bartholomew, south by Jackson, West by Monroe, and north by Morgan and Johnson Counties. -- These lands are very hilly and broken, inhabited by but few families.--" [The lands are still very hilly and broken, but believe me there are presently more than a few people in Brown County, Indiana, on any given day!]

The tables that follow will indicate the county seat towns with an asterisk [*]. Variations in spelling will be denoted by a question mark [?] and each variation in the spelling of the town name will be listed. You will note also that Hamilton County, Ohio, is listed; Harrison was a town developed on the Indiana-Ohio State Line. Also, the town of Bethlehem was situated on the Union-Wayne County line. There will also be noted some town names that may have ended with "ville" that are shown as "burg". This is true for instance of "Martinsburg"; in reality it is Martinsville. There may be others. [Hey, the information was put together in 1825 and 1826; they didn't have e-mail in those days.]

The information in the following 2 tables, one alphabetical by town; the other alphabetical by county; was taken from: The Indiana Gazetteer, or Topographical Dictionary, containing a Description of the Several Counties, Settlements, Rivers, Towns, Roads, Creeks, Villages, Lakes, Springs, etc. in the State of Indiana, Alphabetically arranged By John Scott. Centereville: Published and sold by John Scott & WM. M. Doughty. John Scott, Printer. 1826. [Reprinted from the Original Edition; 1826; by the Indiana Historical Society; 1954. Indiana Historical Society Publications, Volume 18, Number 1; Gayle Thornbrough, Editor.]

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